About the Messages

Messages are the written versions of Reverend Hoxey’s weekly Sunday sermons. The written messages, which are also printed in each week’s Sunday bulletin, are not exact transcripts of the spoken sermons but they reflect that morning’s topic in a succinct narrative which people can later peruse.

Feedback indicates that people enjoy Larry’s messages since they provide background information, practical application of biblical principles, and thought-provoking questions and applications. Most of Reverend Hoxey’s written messages and spoken sermons address Bible passages from the Revised Common Lectionary because that is the scripture source requested by his current congregation.

The written messages also serve as a basis for a mid-week or Sunday morning get-together known as Sermon Seminar, an adult faith study group.  Sermon Seminar is an interesting and productive form of accountability for his public statements. The value lay in how people feel empowered when they have a way to provide feedback to the minister.

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