About the Renew Ministries

The people of St. John United Church of Christ, Reverend Larry Hoxey’s latest ministry, are on the move. Deciding not to be stuck in the mud, St. John’s faith family are reinventing what it means to be a 21st century mainline congregation.

Not be be dismissed as “oldline” or “deadline,” St. John is more “streamline,” an agile congregation. St. John is demonstrating stewardship of God’s church by adapting, transforming to become culturally relevant and highly effective amid contemporary social challenges. St. John is becoming less of an inward-looking fraternal organization and more of an outreach-focused spiritual entity, properly fulfilling God’s mandate for the purpose and nature of a healthy church.

The people of St. John United Church of Christ “DO” it, where the “D” is discipleship (partnering with God to make stronger Christians) and the “O” is outreach (partnering with God to make new Christians). Hence, the “We DO it!” slogan represents more than just a cute play on words because it inspires a church revitalization program at St. John United Church of Christ.

The St. John Renew Ministry helps people engage God for the best life possible. For teens onward, Renew is a revitalizing Christian ministry for life-fulfillment. Renew will assist you at home, at work, and in all your relationships. Renew helps overcome whatever stands between you and a life of holistic wellbeing.

The times are a changin’, and so also are the people desiring to thrive amid life’s challenges. Renew overcomes barriers while sharing God’s love and truth from many sources. Come and share with people who care. The people of St. John realize that no church is either too big or too proud to fail. God’s marvelous Holy Spirit keeps the church alive as our faith family responds to community needs.

Renew Celebration (Sundays 9-10 am) is an informal, contemporary worship experience. Reverend Larry Hoxey and his wife Cynthia lead participants in stimulating discussion, accompanied by music, coffee & tea, and fantastic fellowship.

Renew Seminar (Thursdays 6-7 pm starting again 12 January 2017) is a time for instruction and reflection where relish all the delights of a small group fellowship. Our human existence is much deeper and richer than what we have been led to believe. Renew Seminar helps fill-in the gaps, examining what it means to engage God’s Spirit in your daily life, and to embrace an authentic, meaningful spirituality.

Renew Review (Tuesdays 11-noon) continues discussion about issues & topics from that past week’s Renew Celebration and Renew Seminar.

All Renew sessions operate through sharing and caring, by people like you desiring spiritual, social, intellectual, and physical health. Check us out at St. John United Church of Christ and help us to help you.

–Reverend Hoxey



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