As I experience Faith Fitness I am reminded of the power of sharing. Each time we gather we share what God is doing in our lives. We convey both the challenges and the triumphs of God’s presence. Our recent meeting was no exception to this pattern because we fed our spirits with God’s love and truth. As a pastor, one of my chief priorities is the people I serve in God’s name. Leading the study group is a way in which I can extend my care into the congregation and beyond. When we met this past Tuesday each person contributed by praying and speaking. ItRead More →

What a neat group! We met as usual today and our discussion centered on creating a mission statement. Our church is making strides in strengthening itself for the future. Part of our task is laying a solid foundation upon which the church will reinvent itself and grow. Therefore, each member and friend of St. John church is invited to create a sample mission statement. The sample mission statements will then be reviewed in light of creating a new, official statement for the entire church. Accordingly, our Faith Fitness talk provided encouragement for how to envision our church and what message we want to send toRead More →

The chill is still gripping Michigan but you wouldn’t know it from the energetic discussion in Faith Fitness. One of our Faith Fitness members returned from a spiritual development retreat in Hawaii. OK, so we were all a little envious about the warm, balmy location far from the frigid Midwest. However, you and both know that you don’t need an exotic location to achieve spiritual health. And in any case, the real attraction was how our Faith Fitness participant described her transformative experiences. The topic is relevant given that Lent starts next week. It’s hard to believe that Ash Wednesday is just a week away.Read More →

Today we had another splendid meeting. As usual, our participants shared their life experiences since our last meeting, all with a thematic tie-in to our recent topic of mindfulness, which we began exploring and defining last week (see the post for 14 January). Given the quality and quantity of discussion in our group it is clear to me that mindfulness is a pressing issue. Indeed, what would our churches be and do if the people who comprise them proactively embraced mindfulness? We won’t rehearse the entire scope of defining mindfulness here, but suffice to say that it involves a holistic, synergistic consciousness. it is aRead More →