April Showers Bring . . .   It’s that wonderful time of year again. No doubt about it. We’re hopeful that warmer weather will help us catch-up to spring’s calendar. Yet, there’s no need to wait for our capricious weather to move us forward. With or without April rains we can receive a refreshing shower of God’s Spirit.   As we think about cultivating our gardens let us also consider opening our hearts and minds. Spring reminds us of how the abundant signs of life return to our bleak landscape. Don’t allow the pall of somber, browned grass discourage you. Before you know it, vividRead More →

Yearly Yearning You may pause in a moment of disbelief as you spy that prominent 2015 staring out at you from your new calendar. Undaunted by the specter of a new year, you grasp the calendar and flip the page to “January.” Yes, another year is upon you. Don’t fear; stay calm and carry on. Calendar drama aside, ponder how you’ll traverse the 365 days of the New Year. Trust God to get you through all challenges. Do what you can with what you have, while you still have it. Meanwhile, I appeal to you to consider New Year’s resolutions. How many have you made?Read More →

We’re Getting Serious Well, at least as far as getting close to spring. Seriously? Winter will die, and most of us are hoping that it will be sooner rather than later. Yes, the worst winter in our lifetime will probably, hopefully, be waning itself into oblivion. Okay, we’ve acknowledged our wintry struggles and we must move on. Indeed, we are waiting for more than just the bitter cold and deep snow to subside. As people of faith we have a spiritual spring to celebrate. Our dark night of the soul must give way to the hope of light and life. We are God’s children ofRead More →