We focus on the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry as written in Matthew 3:13-17. The initiating event began with Jesus’ spiritual awakening through baptism by John the Baptist, who was at first reluctant to perform the task. After all, John had said that Jesus was greater than he was. Jesus came up from the baptismal water of the Jordan River and saw the heavens opened. It’s neat how the perception of reality is enlarged following a spiritual awakening. Jesus also saw the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove descending upon himself. This vision of a bird is often interpreted to represent the HolyRead More →

Happy New Year! Are you ready to learn from the lessons of 2016 as you enter 2017? As the calendar turns, everyone is invited to put away past negativity while embracing new blessings. Let’s prepare ourselves for a spectacular new year of challenges and opportunities. Think ahead to this time next year and decide now if you’d like to be a different type of person or in a better situation. Now’s the time to plan for where you’re going and how’d you like to get there. The exercise we’ve prepared for this morning’s service is intended to help everyone start the New Year with aRead More →

Do you have a [spiritual] life? Christmas is the time when we often focus on birth, including the manger scene with the baby Jesus and all the pastoral trappings of that ancient first-family of faith. Even more so in the here-and-now, God wants us to embrace the wonders of spiritual life that Jesus’ birth symbolically represents. Are you ready for a spiritual renewal? What better time than now to embrace the child of rebirth and restoration. We are reminded that Jesus’ birth is not merely some passive, historical event that we indulge with rampant materialism and super-sized holiday dinners. The Christmas Spirit beckons us toRead More →

Today’s Advent message is drawn from two selections of the Revised Common Lectionary, Psalm 80:1-7,17-19 and Romans 1:1-7. In the Psalms passage there’s an uplifting message of restoration. How fitting! Advent is a magnificent time, full of potential for individuals and churches. Psalms offers us timeless encouragement which is as relevant and helpful now as it was thousands of years ago. Why? Because humanity’s fundamental problems haven’t changed across the ages. Fear, hardship, discouragement and many more negativities remain entrenched in the human condition. This is why we need constant building-up through the power of God. Get ready for renewal through your faith in theRead More →