Remember Zacchaeus? He’s the diminutive rich man who wanted to see Jesus. Zacchaeus was fortunate to be near Jesus, who was strolling by one day amid a crowd of onlookers. Sadly, Zacchaeus couldn’t see Jesus because too many people lined the path. Undaunted, he climbed a tree to get that sweet view. The spectacle of Zacchaeus huffing up a tree prompted Jesus to stop and call him down. “I will stay in your house,” Jesus told Zacchaeus (Luke 19:5b). The wealthy tree-climber slid down the trunk (hopefully without getting splinters). Meanwhile, observers criticized Jesus’ invitation because Zacchaeus was a tax collector, a despised role inRead More →

Today’s Luke passage (18:9-14) has Jesus telling a story about two praying men. To emphasize the importance, consider that a comet is headed straight for us. As with the dinosaur catastrophe about 75 million years ago, we are now the species at risk for extinction. Now what? Do we bury our heads in the sand or do we put it all on the line and trust God? The situation in this Sunday’s message encourages us to choose the latter option. Aside from any literal comet hurling at earth, we face an immediate risk when we trust in too much religion (the outward, legalistic & showyRead More →