Today’s passage presents a case of bad financial management (Luke 16: 1-13). Our tale begins as Jesus discusses a rich master whose financial manager was stealing. The master confronted the manager and told him to give an account of what was going on. Knowing that his crime would soon put him out of a job, the manager acted cleverly by cutting the debts owed by his master’s customers. The wicked manager did this because he wanted to appease potential new employers. (Note: Any master otherwise willing to hire the dishonest manager should be suspicious of being duped in the same manner.) When the master discoveredRead More →

Gratitude arises from a proper attitude. That’s the gist of today’s message woven from Jeremiah and Luke. The Old Testament prophet Jeremiah (29:1,4-7) initiates our message by encouraging the Jewish exiles in Babylon to settle down and leverage their spiritual resources. There was a disturbing new reality in the wake of the Israelites’ exile from Palestine (587 B.C), and Jeremiah’s message encouraged the captives to make the best out of a deplorable situation. In this way, Jeremiah told the people to stop complaining and to live in an optimistic and practical manner. Fast-forward to the present and many people today continue to act like exasperatedRead More →