Advice is great, especially when it is good and people follow it. This is nicely illustrated in Hebrews 13:1-8, 15-16. As is true for the entire Bible, whoever wrote any part of it is not as important as the principles taught. We needn’t argue about religious myth versus actual history because in both we find truth. Sadly, there are many people who make a hobby of nit-picking. Rather than derive joy from receiving and sharing God’s principles, such folks become haters, angry with anyone and anything that challenges their ignorance. We must be on guard lest we descend into the same pit that devours them.Read More →

Today’s message reveals a poignant lesson, one from Jesus’ preaching in a synagogue. An afflicted woman arrived during Jesus’ visit and disturbed the order of service. Jesus had compassion, and he immediately proclaimed the healing power of God’s love. End of story, right? Not so! One of the synagogue leaders became indignant at the healing. This zealous critic denounced what he considered to be work on the Sabbath. What a bitter irony. This legalistic moron condemned a healing just because it may have technically violated the Sabbath. Fans of law-based religion do this all the time when they elevate narrow interpretations over love. There wasRead More →