The theme of faith continues with a lectionary selection from Hebrews 11:29 – 12:2. The message reminds us that a spiritual journey isn’t always fun and games. Faith isn’t for the squeamish! The emphasis is on how God’s people endure suffering. Throughout the ages people who embrace truth are punished by those who refuse to accept it. God’s liberating Spirit can set anyone free while human institutions often imprison. Evil is always with us. As God’s followers attempt to live free there’s always some king, some dictator, some political or religious structure ready to torture and kill. It’s tempting to associate faith in God withRead More →

Our message weaves a theme inspired from three of the lectionary readings, the first of which is Isaiah 1:1,10-20. Today’s message is a bit stark and gritty but this isn’t all bad because we’re pushing against summer slumber and August apathy. Some call the Old Testament a dark realm, burdened with traditions and ruinous rules, and warped by ancient Judaism’s suffocating ritualism. However, bursting through Jerusalem’s great Temple walls and across the faces of horrified Levitical priests is God’s proclamation to Isaiah, who shares the key to true life. Hint: The message is nothing like what we associate with the stereotypical “do this or die”Read More →