Welcome to Lent, a period of forty days historically celebrated as a time of examination and preparation leading up to Easter. Lent is sent, but how is it spent? Lent repeats every year, and some folks say that they look forward to this journey because it helps them focus on spiritual themes. Other folks report that nothing seems to change, and that Lent becomes just another routine leading nowhere. Which outcome do you expect? As always, the power of our choice determines where we’ll go. Lent isn’t magic. Whether your view of Lent is more positive or negative, whether you’re skeptical or believing, Lent isRead More →

Welcome to Transfiguration Sunday, a time to consider Jesus’ true nature and learn about how we can also be transformed. We’re invited to embrace God’s marvelous Spirit so that none of us remain stuck in life’s low places. The lectionary focuses on Luke 9:28-36, where we find Jesus trekking with three of his closest friends (Peter, James and John). These four were in for a hike up a mountain whose location and name are unknown today. Jesus had taken trips on, around and on top of all sorts of terrain, and yet he and his companions would soon be caught-up in something unique. Once onRead More →