Today’s message emphasizes Jesus’ baptism and the visit of the three Magi, two events which highlight Epiphany, the liturgical event defined as a revealing of a god or any divine being. Technically, Epiphany is celebrated on Wednesday 6 January and the meaning is the spread of God’s salvation to the Gentiles (non-Jews). First is the visit from the kingly Wise Men or Magi. Speculation is rife over the identity of these royal-esque individuals. Regardless of who or what these men represented, it’s certain that they were intended to affirm Jesus’ special status. One explanation is that the Magi were Persian Zoroastrian priests who had discoveredRead More →

Cynthia, Sean and Larry Hoxey wish you the most blessed 2016. We pray that you will experience life in a magnificent way, claiming God’s promises that will revitalize your faith.    Read More →

Happy New Year! Are you ready to learn from the lessons of 2015 as you enter 2016? As the calendar turns, can you manage new challenges and opportunities? With God’s help, we can all answer a resounding “Yes!” We’ll revisit the New Year topic in just a bit. Meanwhile, consider John 1:1-18, which presents hardcore theology and sets-up Jesus in the high heavens. Seldom is Jesus’ divine pedigree narrated more magnificently as in these verses from John. Equating Jesus with the light, life and the power of creation teases our understanding. Regardless of your take on this, John’s startling language can inspire us. John’s GreekRead More →

As usual, there’s no shortage of inspiring verses in our lectionary readings. The one that rises prominently today is Luke 2:41-52, the story of Jesus at age twelve. Aside from this, there’s no biblical passage that describes anything about Jesus between his early childhood all the way up to when he started his public ministry. The setting for our discussion is such that Jesus had gone to Jerusalem with his parents for the high holy day of Passover, the most sacred time of the Jewish year. After the festival, Jesus went to the great temple without telling his parents where he was going. Mary andRead More →

A message of joy and salvation feed our souls this Advent Sunday. Mary had been visited by an angel who shared how God was planning to do a miracle. This represented the promise of Jesus’ birth through Mary’s humble obedience. Then came the scene for today’s message when Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth, who was pregnant with John the Baptist. (Luke 1:39-55). Elizabeth and her unborn son responded joyfully to Mary’s presence and the divine promise she represented. Mary’s situation is notable during the Christmas season because of the messianic promise fulfilled through Jesus. Mary’s role in Jesus’ divine mission prompted her to celebrate herRead More →