A healing interrupted a healing. Sound weird? Just refer to the fifth chapter of Mark’s Gospel (verses 21-43), where you’ll discover how Jesus healed a sick woman and raised from death a twelve-year-old girl.  Both events reveal key lessons about faith and healing. Our story begins when Jairus, a leader of local synagogue, pleaded with Jesus to come and heal his dying daughter. Jesus and Jairus headed for the house and a large crowd accompanied them. Along the way, there was an interesting interruption as a sick woman intercepted Jesus. This woman had some sort of bleeding condition for twelve years. She realized Jesus wasRead More →

We start with Mark’s iconic story of the boat on troubled waters. Jesus and some followers were in a small vessel that got caught in a bad storm. Amid the threat of the vessel being destroyed, Jesus was awakened from his nap on a cushion in the boat’s stern. Alerted to the danger, Jesus halted the winds and waves to the point of a profound calm. All turned out well despite the fear and apparent lack of faith among the terrified crew. As usual, there are lessons that we may draw from this story of taming the angry elements. One jewel is that we needRead More →

Paul’s words in II Corinthians help us understand how salvation ushers newness of being. Underlying Paul’s approach is a reoccurring distinction between earth and heaven. The earthly realm includes all that is limited by our five senses of seeing, touching, hearing, smelling and tasting. The Kingdom of Heaven is more than a place or situation because it involves both a promise (for the future) and a state of mind (for the present). God’s kingdom is where we, God’s children, set our hearts and minds. Are you an active member of this heavenly kingdom? What did Paul mean when he said that we are away fromRead More →

There are two messages within today’s overall presentation. The first is the story of a near riot at a family dinner (Mark 3:20-35) and the second is Paul’s encouragement to overcome the human condition (2 Corinthians 4:13 – 5:1). In Mark, Jesus is confronted by both his family and by officials from Jerusalem. The situation is so bad that Jesus’ family cannot eat in peace. Jesus’ relatives go outside to confront him because his words are inciting a crowd and Jesus is accused of being crazy, under Satan’s control. Wow! Now that’s an explosive situation. In response to the accusations against him, Jesus tells hisRead More →