Read John 1:43-51 and you’ll discover how Jesus went a gatherin’ one day. It wasn’t silver or gold that the Lord sought, but something far more valuable: disciples. It’s not surprising that Jesus needed followers. Key to a founder’s success is securing a dedicated cadre of supporters. In today’s verses Jesus begins by calling Philip, who then went to find Nathanael and rally him to Jesus of Nazareth. Philip was convinced that Jesus was the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy about the Messiah. Duly excited, Philip rushed to Nathanael, whose skeptical reply questioned Jesus’ origins. “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” (John 1:46). CynicismRead More →

Today’s message emphasizes Jesus’ baptism and the visit of the three Magi, events which together constitute the liturgical celebration known as Epiphany. In more general terms, an epiphany is any revealing or manifestation of a divinity, superhuman being, god, etc. Let’s start with the visit from the kingly Wise Men or Magi. Speculation is rife over the identity of these royal-esque individuals. Regardless of who or what these men represented, it’s certain that they were important figures attesting to Jesus’ status. One plausible explanation is that the Magi were Persian Zoroastrian priests who had divined Jesus auspicious birth through astrological calculations. The Zoroastrian religion continuesRead More →

Today’s deliciously different text (John 1:1-18) traverses rarefied theological air and sets-up Jesus at the highest point in the heavens. Seldom is Jesus’ divine nature narrated more magnificently as John attempts. Equating Jesus with the light, life and power of universal creation teases our understanding. Regardless of your take on this, John’s startling language activates our imagination. John’s Greek word logos describes what we translate as “Word” in John’s Gospel. But this isn’t just any word, it is the word. The biggest, greatest, first-event in the universe type of word. John presents Jesus as the message and mechanism of creation. Then it happened. Jesus theRead More →