Confection Confession Okay, I have a confession to make. But first, I have a pre-confession: I will be somewhat silly today so read at your own risk. You may encounter a rambling narrative not at all what you’d think from your Harvardian minister. “What!” you may exclaim. “Is Reverend Hoxey on some sort of blood thinner? I think all the snow and cold last month have gone to his head.” Perhaps, but stay-tuned and I promise to try and make sense of all this. If we can’t have fun then we can’t have much of anything. So, now that you have the confession beforeRead More →

How do you feel about hearing the obvious? Sometimes, we can hear a spiritual truth so often that we can become immune to its power. It is easy to repeat basic religious beliefs in a way that leads to taking them for granted, or worse yet, becoming hardened and unresponsive. One of the challenges in this situation is to try to make our faith alive in the ears of the listeners. In1 Corinthians, Paul faced the same problems outlined above. He tried to teach people basic Christian truths in a way that helped them awaken. Paul tried to convince his readers that they had receivedRead More →