Greetings faith friends. I am pleased to consider the season that has dawned upon us. Yes, fall is here. The last bit of fruits and vegetables are being harvested and we can be thankful for our tasteful bounty. On the one hand, we Michiganders can look around and see just how pleasant a peninsular is our state. On the other hand, we can’t ignore the fact that extreme weather often accompanies the inexorable march of the seasons. The blessings on our table and in our stomachs are grown in an environment of challenging conditions, a  situation where changing patterns contribute to a climate where good foods nonetheless abound. As we look ahead, we knowRead More →

I have a thought that I’d like to share with you about our daily faith walk. I have found it helpful to keep connected to God through focused thought. Even when I cannot sit and read scripture, I can almost always think about spiritual topics. I ask myself if whatever I’m experiencing at the time can relate to my Christian faith and, if it does, how can it illuminate principles of better living. It is not easy to cultivate spiritual awareness because of the many distractions vying for my attention. Despite the challenges, I find it rewarding to push against the resistance. Struggling to letRead More →